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Welcome to Farm In My Pocket (‘FIMP’), a growing resource for the self-sufficient homesteader.

Anyone trying to become more self-sufficient, whether on a multi-acre rural plot or in an urban back garden, will run into all sorts of unexpected questions – things like:

How to use this site

Whatever you want to know, type a few keywords into the search bar, or click on the categories in the green bar to see lists of our existing self-sufficiency articles. Self-sufficiency is a big topic and the site is still developing, but we’re adding new content all the time. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to use the contact form to ask a question – we can’t guarantee to give you an answer, but we’ll certainly try!

The FIMP authors

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Andy McKee is an author, pharmacist and home brewer. He is passionate about growing food, and believes that everyone needs to become more interested in what they eat. Andy lives with his wife and family in rural Dorset where they are entirely self-sufficient in organic vegetables, using their polytunnel and a modest outdoor plot. He also collects and cooks food from the wild.

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Mark Gatter is an author of graphic design books as well as polytunnel books, and a software trainer when he’s not being a smallholder. He shares a smallholding in Wales with his wife Linda, several sheep, chickens and a dog. Aside from rice they grow all their own (organic) food in two polytunnels and a dozen raised beds. If global warming ever means they can start growing rice they will do that, too. He’s also a Buddhist monk.