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Growing salad rocket (arugula)

One vital ingredient of winter salads is rocket, also known as arugula. The ‘wild’ variety, Eruca sativa “Skyrocket”, has the most robust flavour with an upright habit that makes contamination with grit etc less of a problem, and because it’s incredibly frost tolerant you can grow it all year round in a greenhouse, polytunnel or cloche. The only problem you’re likely to have is bolting, but it’s best eaten as baby leaves. The flavour is sweet and nutty, strong enough to make itself heard above the clutter of even the busiest salad, and there’s just a hint of bitterness too, which increases in older plants. You can sow it almost all year round under cover – so why not give it a try this year?

wild rocket / arugula, image

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One Response to “Growing salad rocket (arugula)”

  1. Luis Gaspar says:

    yes this is the easiest stuff I have ever grown in Birmingham, and it spread on its own so there was nothing I had to do! I wish everything could be that easy.

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