At last, and after much longer in transit than it really should have required, the polytunnel donated by First Tunnels Ltd arrived in Bangalore, India, and was delivered to organic farmer Phurbu Tsering on January 7th.

the polytunnel arrives, image

Slightly late for Xmas, this odd-looking bundle contains an 18 x 42ft polytunnel.

Phurbu was delighted and immediately sent a swathe of pictures covering the delivery, as well as some more of his farm. He has a 5-acre smallholding which supports his entire family and it’s hoped that the polytunnel will enable him to not only grow crops out of season but also raise awareness of polytunnel and organic farming among his contemporaries in the area.

unloading the polytunnel, image

Phurbu and a friend unloading the hoop sections

For those interested in statistics, it’s an 18 x 42ft tunnel with sliding doors, crop bars, storm braces and a timber base rail – so it will hopefully withstand the rigours of south India’s monsoon weather.

lychees and bananas pic, image

Lychees and bananas are two of Phurbu's crops

Currently, awareness of the benefits of growing organically around Bangalore are somewhere between zero and none at all. Sadly, this means Phurbu’s produce is sold alongside the same crops grown non-organically by other farmers, so there are no financial incentives for him at all. However, at least he doesn’t need to rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, as do most of the other farmers in the region. He and his family also benefit directly from the high level of organic produce in their own diet.

ploughing and paddy field, image

Phurbu ploughing, and his paddy field

Farm In My Pocket will keep posting news and photos as they arrive, and would like to give a huge vote of thanks to everyone who donated towards the shipping costs – and, most of all, to First Tunnels for donating the polytunnel in the first place.

Phurbu Tsering, image

Phurbu Tsering

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