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Mark and I think there really ought to be an online community for polytunnel users, so we’ve created a dedicated polytunnel forum right here on FIMP. Why not take a look?

Polytunnels have come a long way since Mark and I first began to write about them. Just ten years ago they were big, clumsy structures bought through agricultural companies, which hardly any support and advice available to newcomers. Unless you were lucky enough to meet someone with experience, you had to figure everything out for yourself.

These days things have changed: thanks to the efforts of some manufacturers and retailers, polytunnels are much more accessible to smallholders and regular gardeners. But we still think there’s more to be done. By now there are tens of thousands of ‘tunnelers’ out there (many of whom already have copies of our books) but until now there’s been nowhere they can go to swap stories, offer advice, boast about their latest triumphs or weep about their failures, or just to ask for help.

To set this straight we’ve set up a dedicated polytunnel forum right here in FIMP. You can find it at http://www.farminmypocket.co.uk/forum – or just click on the pic!

polytunnel forum how to open, image

New! Improved! Polytunnel Forum!

You need to register in order to make your first post on the polytunnel forum, but then you have the run of the place. You can even post images – for instance, in the ‘show us yours’ section. Go ahead: take a look, and please feel free to post comments. The more, the merrier. We’ll be keeping an eye on the forums ourselves so you can be assured of experienced advice, but we’re hoping to learn from you too.

Mark and Andy

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4 Responses to “The Polytunnel Forum”

  1. karl says:

    was thinking of getting a polly tunnel and was wondering which is the best one to buy.i have quite a bit of land want one about 10 ft by 25ft can any one tell me where to get one do you need planning? want to keep fish in as well so is there a preferred special cover or thickness of polly????????

    • Andy McKee says:

      Buy your polytunnel from a reputable retailer (i.e. not a cheapo Ebay job) and they’ll explain the planning issues. You can also find very specific recommendations about which types to go for, size information and things to think about when planning in The Polytunnel Handbook, which we link to in the sidebar.

  2. Melanie Davies says:


    I’m in the process of erecting my first polytunnel, 14×36, Yay! I’m wondering how to lay out the raised beds inside, either three beds with two running along the polythene and one central bed; or two beds, with paths running along the polythene? Is it ok to have plants growing right up to the polythene, or do they get damaged, or does the polythene get damaged? Most of the photos I see online have plants along the polyhthene.

    Any other tips for a first time polytunneller would be greatly appreciated.


    • Andy McKee says:

      Hi and good luck! You can grow up the polythene with no problems, but in a 14′ you may struggle to have a path at the side because the curve of the structure will make you lean sideways. So go for beds at the sides. The only question is one central bed (with wide side beds and paths) or two (with narrower side beds and paths). Of course, with 36′ to play with you could change your mind halfway along!

      One point though is that you won’t want your side beds to be raised too much, as it will put more strain on the cover. Not a problem when it’s new, but it may be in 8 years time!

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