It can be difficult to get your kids to help on the plot, particularly when the job just shouts out ‘work’. That’s why I was so pleased when Number 2 Son (aged 8) showed real interest in helping me to clean the polytunnel cover this morning.

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‘How do you clean the polytunnel, exactly?’ he asked.

‘Simple,’ I said. ‘We tie an old sheet to a length of rope, dip it in soapy water, and pull it back and forward over the cover until it’s clean.’

His face lit up. ‘Wow, yeah! I’ll put my old clothes on!’

I thought the extreme enthusiasm was a bit odd, but it wasn’t until he joined me down at the polytunnel that I worked out just why he was so keen.

‘Okay, I’m here!’ he said happily, and then looked around in puzzlement. ‘But where’s the sheep?’

reproachful sheep, image

You wouldn't! ...would you?

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