Each spring, Farm In My Pocket likes to offer regular readers some free seeds. They’re not commercially produced. Instead, they’re saved from plants grown in our own gardens using organic principles – which means they don’t cost us anything either. We think it’s nice to give something back to our readers, and if it encourages a few of you to think about saving seed yourselves, great!

courgette seeds, imageIn 2012 we offered pak choi, parsnips, peas, pole beans, runner beans and tomatoes. If you ordered some and were lucky enough to save them from drowning, being blown down in the gales, and/or being eaten by slugs in this most unusual growing season, then we’d love to hear how you’ve been getting on.

To get in touch, pay a visit to the FIMP forum and share your photos, your experiences, or your sad, sad stories about the wettest summer since summers were invented. The forum is still a bit of an experiment so if you’d like to see new boards on it, sing out.

We’ll be offering some free seeds again in 2013, so if you’d like to give them a go next year then stay tuned!

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